Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Police Lobby Likes Jeff Sessions’s Views on Asset Forfeiture, Military Equipment

Another problem for libertarian Trump fanboys.

Lee Fang writes:
Law enforcement lobbyists back the nomination of Jeff Sessions as attorney general in part because they want to seize more cash and property from criminal suspects and they want military hardware.

The Major County Sheriffs’ Association, a lobby group representing elected sheriffs, wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee to endorse Sessions as a “uniquely qualified candidate” in part on account of his views on issues including military surplus equipment and asset forfeiture. Jonathan Thompson, the chief executive of the National Sheriffs Association, was even more blunt: Sessions “understands the importance of the 1033 Program that provides excess, protective resources and equipment law enforcement needs to carry out their Thompson wrote, strongly endorsing the Alabama senator’s nomination...
  Despite relatively small-scale reforms, the changes have enraged law enforcement lobbyists, who now are hoping that Sessions will take a new approach. Sessions has spoke out in defense of asset forfeiture, and is believed to share Trump’s support of the 1033 program.duty.”

This is a step in the direction of totalitarianism, plain and simple.



  1. The police unions have it made. The left loves the government unions, but the police unions tend to support Republicans. Politically speaking, they're loved by all and enemies of none.

    Even police forces in wacko leftist places like San Francisco and Madison, WI employ the 1033 program (police get military weapons, vehicles and tactical gear).

    I wouldn't really call it a step in the direction of totalitarianism because we've already had these programs in place for years. Treading water in the pool of totalitarianism.

  2. The Federal Government has a history of enacting policies that make totalitarian reactions to the inevitable fallout from those policies look reasonable to the general public.