Tuesday, January 24, 2017

OMG China Deploys ICBM System "In Response To Trump's Provocative Remarks"

Beijing has reportedly deployed an advanced Dongfeng-41 ICBM system in Heilongjiang Province, which borders with Russia.

According to China's nationalist Global Times tabloid, "the Chinese military intentionally revealed the Dongfeng-41 and connected it with the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. They think this is Beijing's response to Trump's provocative remarks on China."

The Dongfeng-41 is a nuclear solid-fuel road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. With a range of 15,000 kilometers and a payload of 10-12 nuclear warheads, it can target anywhere in the world and is widely considered one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles.



  1. I honestly can not remember a time in the past 52 years that I have followed American foreign policy, when this country's leadership has shown a more antagonistic attitude toward the idea of being judicious in the diplomatic language used when telegraphing malicious intent to a nuclear power. Trump has been telegraphing for well over a year his personal animus toward the Chinese Government, which has given the Chinese leadership ample time to dissect Trump's statements and formulate an appropriatly belligerent response.
    I now have to reconsider whether Trump is delusional in his inability to separate strong cinema personalities from cold political reality, in a way that is far more dangerous than Ronald Reagan's mind blending of cinema, and political theatre. Call me worried.

  2. I'm predicting that the US is trading some wealthy dependent allies for some poor, independent allies. Europe will probably increasingly side with China and chart their own course, especially with Britain out of the EU and unable to advance the Anglo line there. The US will be left with a random collection of 3rd world autocrats that will be unreliable, but cheap, for it to maintain relationships with. China seeks to "benefit" by becoming the heir apparent to US world policing. There's a great balancing in the geopolitical chess game happening right now.