Monday, January 2, 2017

Here It Comes: Trump Suggests Chicago May Need Federal Help Policing the City

The latest Trump tweet:

Yet, another indication that Donald Trump has no qualms about domestic Federal government police crackdowns.

I truly hope that Trump fanboys won't try to spin this horror.



  1. Donald Trump would just love to put the National Guard on the street in selective communities to rollout his beloved "Stop and Frisk."

  2. I will attempt to simulate a Donald Trump fanboy. This is great persuasion at work. The city of Chicago has a problem (high homicide rate) and is quite willing to ignore it. Donald Trump highlights the problem, providing an opening for those news organizations that want to fill some time to ask the Mayor "Are you going to respond? Why does Chicago have this problem?". Would Donald Trump deploy federal police or soldiers to Chicago? I would say not as more government agents tromping around isn't going to reduce or eliminate the problem.

    I hesitate to suggest that Donald Trump would bring up abolishing gun control in Chicago but hey it could happen.

    Donald Trump is unpredictable. Only afterwards can his actions be evaluated.

    DM Carpenter has written "Law 17: Keep Others in a Suspended State of Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability:

    I don’t really need to elaborate on this. If any law of power penned by Robert Greene perfectly sums up Donald Trump’s campaign, this one is it."

  3. I don't see a problem with Trump's tweet. He's not proposing martial law here. The government already assumes responsibility for keeping life and property safe from violence. If the local government thugs can't protect life and property from outlaws then the federal government should step in or (preferably) relegate the responsibility back to private citizens.

    4,000+ shooting victims is no joke. Not quite as dangerous as Cape Town but getting close. Good luck defending yourself from outlaws in gun-free zone Chicago. Also, good luck defending your wallet from the city and county taxing authorities.