Thursday, January 12, 2017

British GQ Writer: Could Obama ‘Murder Trump and Pence’ Then Pardon Himself?

A British GQ writer pondered on Twitter if President Obama could "murder [Donald] Trump and [Mike] Pence" and then pardon himself.

The tweet from Rupert Myers, whose describes himself on Twitter as a political correspondent for British GQ, has since been deleted, reports The Hill.


  1. My answer is no he cannot unless he did it in Washington, DC or another federal territory. In other words, yes-but.

  2. They could just accuse him of being a terrorist and an imminent threat, have some flunky down the hall conduct a corroborative "review", put him on the list and boom. No further details, evidence classified for national security reasons. No pardon necessary. Whatcha gonna do? Disclaimer: I do not agree with, condone, nor recommend such action on the part of anyone.