Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Apparently I Am in an Emergency State

Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency across California due to recent severe storms.

According to a press release from Monday night, Brown issued two emergency proclamations to "secure funding to help communities respond to and recover from severe storms that have caused flooding, mudslides, erosion, debris flow and damage to roads and highways."

I wonder if this covers the Bruno Magli's I got wet in one of the rain bursts.



  1. The declaration of a "state of emergency" is such a well-accepted political trick it's astounding. Any of the already weak restraints on state action are suspended on such a unilateral declaration. I wonder if Brown will ever change the status back.

  2. There's not a chance I will live in California dude. For one thing when I have kids I plan on homeschooling them, and some shady anti-homeschooling stuff has gone on there in the past decade, and I'm not interested in risking that.