Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Will There Be a Horrific Domestic Crackdown Under Trump?

The Intercept says that Lora Ries is a Donald Trump Homeland Security advisor.

This is what else The Intercept has to say:
Lora Ries, speaking at a Chamber conference in 2011 on national security and immigration, spoke calmly about the need for a vast expansion of immigration enforcement. And rather than simply securing the borders, the government should “focus on interior enforcement so that there are those routine consequences,” she said. The government should integrate databases and step up the criminal penalties for those in the country without documentation. After all, she noted, we must “remove the hay to expose the needles.”

Ries, a longtime lobbyist for a variety of homeland security contractors, is one of the latest hires by the Trump transition to remake the Department of Homeland Security.

Her selection is the latest evidence that Trump is preparing to fulfill his pledge to step up deportations....

The selection of Ries as a senior official overseeing the transition at DHS, the agency that includes ICE and border enforcement, means privatized deportation interest groups will have a direct line to the new administration.

Already, major government contractors are viewing Trump’s promised immigration policies as a potential goldmine. CACI International, a defense contractor, told investors in November that they stand poised to benefit from increased immigration enforcement. Palantir, the intelligence firm backed by Trump adviser Peter Thiel, maintains a significant contract to analyze troves of data used by ICE for deportation proceedings.



  1. You have answer the question to the title of your post in the post.
    Since this has to do with expelling useless 3rd world invaders the answer is no !

    What is the point of this hyperbole on your part ?
    There might come a time quite soon when there will be a clampdown on the native born.
    You should worry about that instead.

  2. Pretty dumb. "Domestic" means within the borders of the US. Your "invaders" are within the borders. Unless of course you are taking issue with the "horrific" part. You're right, it may be a totally awesome domestic crackdown.

  3. Of course there will be, no question. Granted it was going to happened no matter if it was Trump or Clinton.

  4. Deporting foreign invaders = "horrific domestic crackdown". Sure Robert.