Saturday, December 10, 2016

Secretary of State Shell Game Alert

Andrea Mitchell reports that two sources have told her that Exxon Mobil CEO RexTillerson will be Trump's is pick for Secretary of State.

According to Mitchell. he met with again Trump.

But libertarian Trump fanboys shouldn't get too excited. It's a Trump hustle move.

Here's the rest of Mitchell's report:
[Tiilerson]could be paired w/ Bolton as Deputy.
John Bolton is one of the most insane neocons in a sea of nutjob neocons.



Daniel Larison writes at The American Conservative:

The very bad news is that John Bolton is reportedly being brought on as Tillerson’s deputy:
Tillerson will be paired with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton as his deputy secretary of state for day-to-day management of the department, one source added.
That’s better than putting Bolton in charge, but not by much. The fact that Bolton is receiving a top job anywhere in the administration is an indictment of Trump’s judgment and a sign of just how reckless and aggressive U.S. foreign policy is likely to be in the coming years.


  1. How can libertarians be scathing about Tillerson? Can you imagine a radical social justice activist nutcase in there? This is a solid improvement over the SoS in the past administrations, and certain a Hillary.

    Come on Wenzel - be serious here. How is a CEO who has battled congress on taxes, "loopholes," energy regulation a terrible pick?

    Hes paid lip-service to carbon taxes but they all have to do so.

    Tillerson vs


    Cut some slack. This is +1 for FanBoys lets admit it.

  2. Bolton is a Cuck that is true - but if thats the price to pay thats pretty good. Tillerson and Trump are huge personalities Bolton in a deputy stop will have a lot to contend with. A ceremonial compromise. I'll eat my hat if they goto war, until then this is FanBoy positive. Admit it.

    1. How does John Bolton qualify as a cuck? You response is appreciated.

    2. #NeverForgetNeverTrump


  3. Nice argument Thane Eichenauer