Sunday, December 11, 2016

Rand Paul: “I’m an automatic ‘No'” on John Bolton

Some solid stuff from Rand Paul.

Today on ABC’s This Week Sunday,  Rand said that when it comes to the crazed war hawk John Bolton:
I think John Bolton is so far out of it, and has such a naïve understanding of the world, if he were to be the assistant or the undersecretary for Tillerson, I’m an automatic ‘No’ on Bolton.
He should get nowhere close to the State Department, if anybody with a sane worldview is in charge.



  1. Trump needs to nominate bolton for something at state to please the mercers but if bolton doesn't get confirmed, there's nothing trump can do.
    Look for the mercers to try to get back at rand on boltons behalf.

  2. If Rand Paul had had enough time as a candidate, he himself would have probably sang the praises of John Bolton, the way he was flirting with the GOP establishment.

    Rand Paul has no credibility.