Friday, December 2, 2016

Hey Libertarian Trump Fanboys, What Do You Think About This?

Eric Margolis writes:
Iran, which has closed important nuclear facilities, shut down half its centrifuges, and neutralized its stores of nuclear material under the international agreement, must be wondering if it’s nuclear deal was not really, really disastrous.

In his rush to condemn the Iran deal, Donald Trump seems to be forgetting that the pact was co-signed by Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany and the UN. Backing out of the pact will be no easy matter and sure to provoke a diplomatic storm.

The outgoing CIA director, John Brennan, calls Trump’s plan to junk the Iran deal ‘the height of folly.’ Brennan warns that doing so would further destabilize the Mideast and embolden hard-liners on all sides. He could have added that if Iran resumes nuclear enrichment, Israel’s far-right government will likely go to war with Iran in order to preserve its Mideast nuclear monopoly.

An Israeli attack on Iran could quickly drag in the United States and become a major Mideast conflict. The Pentagon is not anxious to get involved in yet another war in the Muslim world. Interestingly, some Iranian hardliners actually hope the US will attack Iran: ‘America will break its teeth on Iran, and that will be the end of its Mideast empire,’ as one overconfident Iranian told me.

As far as I can determine, every Cabinet member and senior staff member named by Tump so far is a serious war hawk when it comes to Iran.

As Trump's newly named Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis put it when asked about his top concerns as head of US Central Command, "Iran, Iran, Iran."

I am being optimistic and hope that under Trump the U.S. will "only" attempt to destabilize the Iranian government, but this thing could very quickly get way out of hand.



  1. This won't matter. When Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still not lose his supporters, he meant libertarians as well.

  2. Why would anyone care what John Brennan, the Saudi lobbyist, Obama appointee, thinks about anything?

    It hasn't even been day 1 of the presidency! This blog is hilarious!