Saturday, December 17, 2016

China Says It Will Return US Underwater Drone

China's defense ministry said Saturday that Chinese authorities have decided to return a US underwater drone it seized in international waters earlier in the week, saying the US had "hyped up" the issue, reports CNN.

"Upon confirming that the device was a US underwater drone, the Chinese side decided to transfer it to the US side in an appropriate manner," Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Sr. Col. Yang Yujun said. "China and the United States have been communicating about this process. It is inappropriate -- and unhelpful for a resolution -- that the US has unilaterally hyped up the issue. We express our regret over that."

The statement added that the US "has been frequently deploying ships and aircraft to conduct close-in surveillance and military surveys in waters facing China. China firmly opposes such acts and demands the US cease such activities. China will stay alert over relevant US activities and will take necessary measures to counter them."



  1. Maybe the US should hear what message the Chinese are trying to send. Leave us alone militarily and we will reciprocate.

  2. Any Schindler tweets to use in this article? He is, after all, one of your favorites to use to back up your claims. He backed your call that Trump's phone call to Taiwan caused this drone capture and would start a nuclear war. haha!