Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bomb Hoaxes For Profit

From a Stratfor analytical report, Understanding and Responding to Bomb Threats:
Beyond the code words used in legitimate bomb warning calls and the nature of the group making the claim, the information contained in warning messages has historically proved to be quite different from that used in hoax threats. Bomb warning calls tend to be very specific, noting the type of bomb involved, its location and the planned time of detonation. On the other hand, hoax bomb threats intended to scare or disrupt tend to be very general, rarely if ever containing specifics. In addition to being vague, hoax bomb calls most often threaten multiple targets, more than most legitimate terrorists are in fact capable of bombing. The rash of bomb threats earlier this year against schools worldwide by a group calling itself "Evacuation Squad," which in some cases threatened 10 or more schools in the same city, falls into this category. It eventually emerged that Evacuation Squad had offered to issue bomb threats to schools in return for a fee payable in bitcoins.

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