Friday, November 11, 2016

You Are Joking, Right?

...has to be Peter Thiel:
Really? Exactly how will it pay off? It seems likely that Thiel supported Trump because he believes the our political establishment is utterly corrupt and morally debased. Your insinuation that he had selfish pecuniary motives is petty and pathetic 
Don't be a sore loser Wenzel.
Dyspeptic has apparently not heard of Palantir.
From AFR:

When billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel explained his support for Republican nominee Donald Trump at length to a room of journalists last week, he based part of his rationale on the notion that Washington "insiders" currently leading the government have "squandered" money, time and human lives on international conflicts.

That same day, Palantir Technologies, a data analytics company that Thiel co-founded and helps oversee as chairman, won a legal dispute that could allow the firm to compete for an Army contract valued at $US206 million ($264.9 million). If the company wins the work, Palantir would add to the $US357 million it has banked from government contracts in the past decade. More than half of those funds came from the Department of Defence.

Thiel has been named to Trump's transition team.

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  1. I'm just proud of Dyspeptic for coming out of their safe space to make the comment.

    Doubtful they will quit denying the existence of human nature anytime soon though.