Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Will Rand Paul Take Up the Anti-Warmonger, Anti-Neocon Torch?


More from Weigel:
 “I’m hoping that if there’s a public discussion of this before it happens, people in the incoming administration realize that regime change made us less safe and the Iraq War made us less safe,” said Paul. “We don’t need, as our chief diplomat, someone whose idea of diplomacy is dropping bombs.”...

Paul is one of the very few Republicans in a position to influence this. As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, he will get to vote on whether to recommend Trump’s nominee for secretary of state. The results of the 2016 elections will give Republicans a 10-9 majority on the committee, meaning that Paul could cast a decisive vote, with every Democrat, against recommending a Trump nominee. That would not stop a full Senate vote on the nominee, but it would expose fissures in the Republican Party in the first weeks of a Trump administration.


  1. If he can stop Giuliani, that would be some sweet Paul poetic justice.

  2. ─ "Will Rand Paul Take Up the Anti-Warmonger, Anti-Neocon Torch?"

    Weigel: Rand Paul tells me he's not inclined to support Giuliani or Bolton for Secretary of State. ─

    The better question should be: Why is El Trumpo even considering those two establishment insiders if he was supposed to be the anti-establishmen....

    Ah, of course. Silly me! People didn't vote for El Trumpo to solve these esoteric matters. They wanted a Wall and a Wall they shall get!

    (NO, I don't subscribe to this idea that El Trumpo's victory is some sort of anti-PC backlash. He simply provided to his supporters the perfect scapegoats to hide their own mediocrity: immigrants and trade.)

  3. Oh...Gimme...A...BREAK.

    Rand Paul has had ample opportunity to take his father's mantle when he himself ran for president, and he exposed himself as being willing to become an establishment tool.

    Now, long after his time as presidential candidate is up and he is back to being senator, all of a sudden we are supposed to believe a word he says again?

    He had his chance, and he used it to shoot any credibility he could have had completely to hell.

    Rand an "anti-warmonger, anti-Neocon".. Yeah right.