Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Walter Block Expects From a Donald Trump Presidency

I just emailed Dr. Walter Block, of Libertarians for Trump, to ask him what he expects from a Trump presidency.

This is his response:
Dear Bob:

I expect him to keep us out of WWIII (I expect him to pull a lot of US troops back to the US). I expect him to appoint Scalia type Supreme Court judges (or, better yet, someone like Andrew Napolitano; hey, why not the man himself?). I expect him to keep on smashing away at political correctness (cultural Marxism). Those are the three main reason I supported him (

I hope he changes his mind on free trade. Well, at least he opposes tariffs within the US. Maybe, that’s a start.

Best regards,


Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics
Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business                
Loyola University New Orleans


  1. This is a great chance to reach out to the disillusioned left about decentralizing the State and limited government.

    California is talking about seccession. Amazing.

    1. They don't even need to something as extreme as succession. just nullify those new Laws.

    2. A person on my Facebook (I won't say he's a friend) who lives in CA posted an article about secession.

      Four years ago he was posting about the racist in TX who wanted to secede.

    3. You honestly don't know what makes them the "left" in the first place, do you?
      This talk about secession is right up there with celebrities saying they'll leave the U.S.
      They need centralized government. Exactly what would they tax if the cash cows simply move to Nevada?
      The left is disillusioned simply because Trump won, not because leftists politics was "revealed" as a moral and logical failure.

  2. AGW Green Energy Wackos and their rent seeking Crony Capitalist beneficiaries are not going to be happy when Trump CANCELS the subsidies, tax breaks and forced purchase mandates!

  3. ─ I hope he changes his mind on free trade. ─

    I hope so, too, because what got him into the W.H. was calling trade with China "rape" and saying that more than half of Mexican immigrants (and he didn't qualify that statement by stating he was talking about "illegal" immigrants - go check it out) are rapists and drug dealers. I mean, that's a LOT of rapists, more than all the Bashi-Bazouk that stormed the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople in 1453.

  4. We don't have free trade now and we never had it in the past either. The only free trade that exists in American history was achieved by smugglers, blockade runners, tax dodgers and black marketeers. What we have now is bureaucratically micro-managed crony trade with low tariffs for our trading partners, very few of whom buy significant amounts of U.S. made goods.

    As a practical matter The Donald will not be able to institute any significant amount of protectionism because Backstabber Ryan and Mumbles McConnell won't allow that. Their crony capitalist masters will yank hard on the puppet strings to remind them who they really work for.