Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump Ditches Press Pool to Go Out to Dinner

Donald Trump left Trump Tower without his press pool on Tuesday night to have dinner with his family, according to reporters.

The president-elect reportedly received a standing ovation and cheers upon arriving at 21 Club, a New York City restaurant, an hour after his spokeswoman had called a "lid," signaling to the reporters following him that he was in for the night.

Spokeswoman Hope Hicks said she "wasn't aware of this movement," adding she wouldn't do anything to "leave the press in the dark."

Hicks added the president-elect's protective pool hasn't yet been set up, but once it is, reporters will have "all of the access that they have ever had under any president."

After reporters arrived at the restaurant, police let those with New York City press passes stand outside, while others were told to move down the block, according to The Hill.

(RW note: My first serious power lunch was at 21 Club, I know it well.)

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