Saturday, November 19, 2016

“Mr. President-Elect, how are you sir?" Romney greeted Trump

Are "Libertarians for Trump" horrified yet?

The Daily Caller reports:
Donald Trump wants Gen. James Mattis to run the Department of Defense, Gov. Mitt Romney to run the State Department, and Steven Mnuchin to run the Treasury Department.

That’s according to a source with intimate knowledge of Trump’s thinking.

By Friday, Trump had narrowed down cabinet roles for Mattis to either Defense or State, but prefers Romney to take the latter job, the source tells The Daily Caller...

Romney was greeted warmly Saturday upon arriving at Trump National.

“Mr. President-Elect, how are you sir?” Romney greeted Trump, who was waiting alongside Vice President-Elect Mike Pence at the club’s front entrance. “How are you, sir?” Trump replied, as they reportedly “gripped each other’s arms,” before walking inside.

Mnuchin is a former partner at Goldman Sachs who served as Trump’s national finance chairman during the campaign. Mnuchin also previously worked for liberal billionaire George Soros at Soros Fund Management LLC

"Have a plan to kill everybody you meet."-- Gen. James Mattis.



  1. His nickname is Mad Dog, so Im told by other Marines.

  2. Horrified? No. Disgusted, yes. I wouldn't let romney make me a sandwich. If true, trump is going to test his theory of "I can shoot someone in the street and not loose any supporters." Romney is worse than that.