Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Last Night's Walter Block-Nick Gillespie Debate Was Heated

Felix Bronstein reports:
Tonight's Trump debate ( ) was very interesting and heated -- for a large part, it was also thick vs thin libertarianism.

Gillespie on numerous occasions interrupted Block, and even the moderator (who for the most part let him) and claimed that he wasn't interrupting.

Block used most of his concluding statement to attack Gillespie for taking the side of the NY Times against him.

Block won the debate -- video was promised to be up by the Friday.
 RW note: I will post the video here at Target Liberty as soon as it is available.


  1. That is a skewed but technically accurate version of what happened. It should be pointed out that Block was in a sour mood very quickly and seemed to have it out for Gillespie. He refused an apology for the NY Times thing, saying it didn't count because it wasn't public. (200-300 people in attendance plus a live stream isn't enough I guess.)

    Block brought up the thick/thin stuff out of nowhere, and obviously the NY times stuff. It was fun to watch for the most part, but the sideshow stuff was cringeworthy.

  2. Debate video: