Tuesday, November 22, 2016

LAST MINUTE Trump Cancels Meeting With New York Times

 No report from the newspaper of record, yet.

 This continues to be their front page headline on the subject:

  Donald Trump Plans a Pre-Thanksgiving Meeting With The New York Times

Real story: Trump scoops Times.


Then there was this:
Followed by this:
And finally this:


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  1. The usual dirty trick pulled by NYT "journalists" is to insist on interviews without recording devices or video so that the "journalist" can perfectly cite the interviewee out of context. It is very likely the "journalist" from the NYT did not agree to have the interview with the president-elect recorded by Trump or his staff. I would've done the exact same thing: inform the "journalist" that 'if you don't want ME to record our interview, then you can just go to NYT and write puff pieces about little league soccer teams.'