Monday, November 21, 2016

Kobach Took Plan for Department of Homeland Security into Trump Meeting

This is very scary.

Kris Kobach really wants to drive all 11 million undocumented out of the country.

The Department of Homeland Security is the perfect perch from which to attempt to do such.



  1. Here's our plan for illegal immigrants. Cut off all their welfare. End of story. Then those who are here for honest work will stay. Those who are here for free stuff will leave.

    1. Re: Dexter Morgan,

      ─ Those who are here for free stuff will leave. ─

      Which means none, because it is a tremendous lie that undocumented immigrants receive welfare benefits. But notwithstanding the above, I like the plan.

  2. ─ Kris Kobach really wants to drive all 11 million undocumented out of the country. ─

    Scary, indeed. Think of it this way: the huge expansion of the State; its encroachment over people's property rights, especially those willing to rent to undocumented, or those willing to employ them. Imagine all the native-born Americans harassed by an over-zealous DHS in every checkpoint around the US imaginable, asking them "Papieren, bitte!"

    But Trumpistas think all of that is necessary and fair to take "our country back" despite the immense cost, the police state, the horror stories.

    1. Perhaps they see their war on drugs fading away and need a new war to justify their domestic terrorism.

    2. It is because of the illegals that we have the heinous check points at "border" areas.

      The sending home of illegals can happen when they cause a car accident and have no money or insurance or when they are apprehended for commiting a crime.

      Fransisco, still illegal?

  3. I don't find this scary at all.


    Like it or not, we have 94 million out of the labor force, ERs are swamped, car insurance rates raising due to uninsured motorist claims, and future racial strife that is all but guaranteed given that Hispanics overwhelmingly vote for socialists, and these illegals have anchor babies that will be no exception.

    Just look at LA county, where there is no Republican running in many elections and all candidates are heavily left wing.

    Libertarians have avoided this issue for decades, and this is the end result. Wish it wasn't this way but it is. We need to focus on having an actual country again, filled with demographics sympathetic to liberty, then focus on Libertarianism within our borders.

  4. It's not nearly as scary as her being president!

  5. When I pointed out that illegals use American emergency rooms as their primary care option, which absolutely is welfare and which does decrease the American quality of life, "Francisco" simply mocked my children and me, speculating that I was probably taking my (nonexistent) son to the emergency room because he'd fallen off his bike.

    He pretends this isn't happening when everyone knows it is, and he pretends these immigrants don't overwhelmingly vote for more statism and thereby make the realization of a libertarian society infinitely more difficult.

    1. Yep. He refuses tonanswer whether he is in these uSA legally.