Sunday, November 20, 2016

Flynn and Trump in Line on Islam

It should be noted that Michael Flynn, named Trump's National Security Adviser, has called for a U.S. jled Reformation of the entire Islamic religion.  From Flynn's book:
We've got to attack the Islamists everywhere and in every way. That includes attacking their evil doctrines and detailing their many failures....This need for a "relgious" reformation is more for political purposes than purely religious.
He sees it as a multigenerational battle.



  1. I have the solution! In order to get Muslims and Arabs to be less defensive and more open and trusting in their worldview and relationships with others, let's destroy all of their cities and infrastructure, kill them by the hundreds of thousands, fund head choppers to set up on them to take over their destroyed communities and drive the rest into filthy camps for decades on end.

    They will all be acting like Swedes before you know it.

    1. Don't forget to constantly remind them that their religion is inferior.

  2. I wonder on what day "they" bring a guy like Flynn into a special room in Langley and tell him, "uh, Mike, like, all that muslims hate your freedoms stuff isn't really true, it's just a line we use on the rubes to keep them supporting perpetual war for profit overseas and never ending diminution of civil liberties at home."