Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dershowitz: The Hard Right and The Hard Left Hate Jews


  1. Hating Israel (a US government dependent and western foreign intervention creation) and hating Jews is two different things.

    1. Also, noting that Jews are VERY VERY VERY tribal while endlessly tormenting, harassing and mocking English Canadian Norwegian Americans for being slightly tribal once every five years is not the same as hating Jews.

    2. It's hard to know where that claim comes from but it seems to be a widely held opinion nonetheless. I think their are persons who claim to be social leaders and they do nothing to help people think otherwise.


  2. Hayek described the left-right paradigm as a "circle" where hard-left and hard-right were nearly identical in behavior. I don't think it's anti-Jew. It's just authoritarian, and since Jews have been historically very successful people, they end up in the crosshairs more than some other groups.

    I prefer to think of hard-left, hard-right, or any other authoritarian bent as "the farther government laws venture from laissez-faire, the greater the force required to keep individuals within those laws".