Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BREAKING Danney Williams Requests Bill Clinton DNA Sample From Monica Lewinsky

Target Liberty has learned that Danney Williams, who believes he is the biological son of Bill Clinton, has sent a letter to Monica Lewinsky requesting a sample  of Clinton's DNA from the infamous blue dress that carries Clinton's DNA stains.


Danney Williams and me today in Washington D.C.

The Danney Williams letter to Monica Lewinsky's attorneys:



  1. Nice work, Wenzel, glad to see you on the front lines. Hopefully Mr. Williams is able to get the answers he is looking for.

  2. Is Thiel paying his attorneys?

  3. Thank you Robert for showing compassion for Danney Williams in his struggle against what I believe to be one of the most manifestly evil couples in the long history of this forlorn nation. The fact that you are standing with him, while he is treated like a pariah by the MSM says a lot about your personal integrity, and forthright nature.

    Danney needs all the help he can get to destroy a former president that treated his son, and his son's mother like rancid garbage.

    Thank You

  4. Godspeed Danney. Hope you find the answers to your questions.