Saturday, November 26, 2016

Another Mass-Murdering Communist Dictator Burns in Hell

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Castro finally croaked.  Biggest party of the weekend is in Miami.  After spending the past six months portraying Donald Trump as Son of the Devil, the LMS (Lying Media Scum) will now provide us with endless headlines and testimonials about what a “great revolutionary leader” Castro was.
UPDATE:  It starts:  The BBC calls Castro “a world icon” and “the most astute politician” of his time.  Canada’s socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls his comrade Castro “a remarkable leader” and expresses “deep sorrow” over his death.
The above originally appeared at LewRockwell.com.


  1. Castro’s great friend from the beginning and throughout was the US’s counterproductive and immoral trade embargo on Cuba, and prohibitions on human travel there.

    1. Boy, are you right! Wuz gonna say it, but you got there first :)
      You don't suppose Big Sugar had any influence do ya?

  2. Disgusting scum the socialist lot, and their sympathizers in the LMS (I'm starting to use this brilliant term). Can't believe we are part of the same species.