Monday, October 3, 2016

What You Need to Know About the Danney Williams Claim That He is Bill Clinton's Son

Web links via Robert Morrow co-author of  Clintons' War on Women:

Roger Altman, 1999 Owner of The Star, planted phony DNA story @ Danney Williams/Bill Clinton #CrookedHillary

 Multiple Blog posts here on Danney Williams story #CrookedHillary
The Inquisitr - Danney Williams Claims to be Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Son, Wants DNA test and Meeting with his Alleged Father (2-14-16) #CrookedHillary
Hillary and Bill Clinton reject Danney Williams, the son of Bill Clinton by Robert Morrow #CrookedHillary
1992 Clintons made deal with Say McIntosh - shut up about Danney Williams being Bill Clinton’s son and we will pardon your son Tommy McIntosh 18 years before he is parole eligible: NYT 1-24-93 “Startling Arkansas, Governor-for-a-Day Sets 2 Convicts Free
Say McIntosh says that he made a deal with the Clintons to shut up about Danney Williams for 1992 presidential campaign in return for his son Tommy being let out of jail!topic/alt.gossip.celebrities/VWQjzdKjtpU #CrookedHillary
George Stephanopolous threatening a Perot aide over the Bobbie Ann/Danney Williams story at 1 hour 11 minute mark of The War Room #CrookedHillary
In 2005 Tommy McIntosh was killed by his wife #CrookedHillary 
Daily Beast, Olivia Nuzzi, “My Quest to Find Bill Clinton’s Love Child” 5-20-16
FishBowl NY 5-22-16: “Olivia Nuzzi and the #ClintonKid” #CrookedHillary
Bill Clinton used to have his Arkansas state troopers send Chelsea’s extra Christmas presents to Danney at Christmas:

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