Sunday, October 9, 2016

What Hillary as Bill Clinton's Rape Enabler Charges are All About

I interviewed Robert Morrow co-author with Roger Stone of  The Clintons' War on Women,  when the book first came out late last year.

This will make you sick.


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  1. Too few people are aware of all the enabling Hillary has done. Unaware even of Bill's trashy White House behavior. But who can blame them? For the huge cohort of Millennials, most were adolescents or younger when all this happened. So I wrote a novel, which through its characters and their development re-portrays the Clintonian misbehavior. It's both entertaining and a history lesson. It's available via Amazon as an ebook:

    Like all authors, I'd like to believe it's an enjoyable and edifying read.

    Ken Funsten, author