Thursday, October 27, 2016

Video: UC-Berkeley Protesters Built a Human Wall to Violently Stop White Students from Crossing Bridge

The useful stooges of Cultural Marxists were out in force earlier this week at the University of California-Berkeley.

They gathered in front of a bridge on campus and forcibly prevented white people from crossing it. Others were allowed to pass.

They have no understanding of the non-aggression principle. By their actions, they, in fact, spit on it in favor of central power and dictates.

Down with central power!



  1. I thought the trolls went under the bridge.

  2. I see future professors, guidance counselors, city councilpersons, political not-for-profit directors and employees, professional protesters, and a few misguided but brilliant inventors who will bankroll the rest.

    Not good for private property and voluntaryism. Shame on these kids' parents.

  3. I would always respond to leftists boo-hooing about the travails of minorities and women by accusing THEM of racism and sexism. Libertarians think minorities and women will do just fine under AnCap because they will be safe, their contracts will be enforced over time and the sound money will allow them to engage in exchanges and economic calculation. It's the leftists who think they are all too stupid to survive in such an environment. And I always throw in a picture of Hillary's and Obama's Middle East war crimes about which the leftists are silent BECAUSE DEEP DOWN, THEY HATE BROWN PEOPLE. I can usually get mouthy leftists to just STFU.


  4. I was a student at Berkeley from 1965 to 1971, and witnessed many demonstrations associated with the Free Speech Movement and the anti-war movement. I learned that tear gas is readily absorbed by trees' leaves and emitted a day later. I saw a cop, baton raised over his head, chasing a demonstrator. But I never saw anyone try to block Sather Gate. There was plenty of boo-hooing about how badly minorities are supposedly treated, but nothing like the safe-space demanding infants we see today. I guess that's "progress"?