Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump’s “Vulgar,” “Lewd” Talk?

By Butler Shaffer

It is amusing to see the political establishment so desperate to defeat Trump that it will resort to any – as in a-n-y – indiscretion to keep him out of the White House. The sin du jour is an eleven year old video of Trump talking about a failed effort to seduce a woman, saying, in part, “when you’re a star they let you do it.” I don’t know whether any of the “stars” were Bill Clinton, or the Kennedy brothers, who did far more than talk about doing so, but used their positions of power (including helpful Secret Service agents) to engage in such acts with vulnerable women. Perhaps the make-believe “journalists” on television news channels whose “reports” are dominated by their endless babbling about this video, would be willing to replay some earlier video taken at Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts!

Unless such behavior is outrageous only when engaged in by the non-politically correct faithful, and if joking, on camera, about sex is enough to disqualify such persons from office, any intellectually honest journalist (are there any?) might choose to inquire of Hillary: “do you repudiate the extra-marital sexual behavior of your husband when he was president – including oral sex with young interns in the Oval Office – and can you assure us that neither you nor your husband – as ‘first gentleman’ if you are elected – will engage in such actions?”

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RW note:

Any regular reader of Target Liberty knows that I am no supporter of Donald Trump.

The one thing we can thank Trump for, though, is making it clear how dishonest mainstream media is and how in the tank they are for the establishment.

Why coverage  from the mainstream of Trump's 'lewd" talk but nothing about Hillary's role in covering up the sexual attacks made by Bill Clinton? Her role is carefully detailed in The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow.


  1. There's no defense possible of those comments, Robert. Imagine the guy is talking about your daughter. We can agree HillRod is gross, but this guy is a sewer rat. Is that who people want in the WH?

    1. Libertarians come in both liberal and conservative social varieties. My guess is libertarians who are culturally liberal may see it as less wrong as they want to celebrate sexuality and don't see lust as disgusting or uncouth, whereas conservatives see lust as degrading and repulsive and lewd. I am fully on the conservative side and do not celebrate sexuality but not all libertarians are.

    2. Did you watch the video? There's nothing to defend. Trump tells a story about him trying unsuccessfully to pull a married lady. Then he is joking about how easy it is for him to pull women because he's a star.

      "You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy." It's like he said, locker room banter. It's also probably true of some of the young women who got close to Trump. They want something, he wants something. You can clutch your pearls and judge Trump and these women harshly for this, but everyone has their own values to live by. As long as their actions don't violate NAP, I don't condemn.

      It's not quite Caligula, you know? It's more Animal House, Porky's, American Pie dirty humor. Are you from the tiny town in Footloose?

      Here's a letter sitting president Harry Truman sent to a Washington Post reporter who gave Truman's daughter's a negative review for some opera she was in.

      "I have just seen your lousy review of Margaret's concert. It seems to me you’re a frustrated old man. Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a jock supporter below. Signed, HST, president."

    3. @Stuffed Pimento:

      People who lean more conservative wouldn't agree. Labeling it 'locker room banter' doesn't change anything. I've never talked about women's tits and asses, no matter how promiscuous they are, in a locker room or outside of one.

      Is it against the NAP? No, not at all. But many of us have additional goals to the NAP.

      And I'm not impressed by Truman's letter. It's the typical 'you're just jealous' non response. Perhaps you condemn rape because you're just jealous all the rapists are getting so much pussy?

    4. @Dexter Morgan

      Yeah, and people who are Amish might find your conservative lady's lipstick appalling. And the Muslims might find it outrageous that she does not cover her face in public. Your position is no more or less correct than theirs or mine, so long as that position is not being forced on the woman against her will.

      You are confusing goals and values. I have a different value system than you or the Amish or the Muslims. Your value system is not objectively superior to mine. As long as someone's values don't include violating NAP, then I won't condemn them - as weird as they may seem to me. No one has proper claim to a monopoly on morality.

      Now, I really love nice tits and asses (legs and lips too), but I don't usually discuss this subject except maybe at a strip club or watching beach volleyball. It's boring conversation. Others may find it enjoyable to bond over some nice ass titties.

      I shared Truman's letter because I find it much more scandalous than Trump's comments. Truman violates NAP by threatening physical harm to the reporter. Trump privately jokes that the women he meets are so attracted to his stardom that he can grab them by the pussy.

      I condemn rape because the rapist violates NAP. I don't condemn simulated-rape or role playing because it doesn't violate NAP. Now, even being the crude person that I am, I don't have a taste for really kinky sex like that. That said, I don't think my proclivity for normal sex is superior to or more informed than those who value kinky sex. Nor would I hold that difference against them when it comes to other areas of life, such as doing business together or playing golf together. It's really not an issue until it becomes an issue (ie They start talking about tits and I'm like, hey let's not talk about that I don't like it, but they keep going on about it. Now it's a matter of prejudice and I may find the person a bore and choose not to continue a relationship. But still I don't condemn their value system or even choice of conversation topics, it's just not for me.)

      P.S. - My initial comment was a reply to Francisco Torres's comment.

    5. @Stuffed

      Being a libertarian doesn't mean you don't believe in any other moral rules besides the NAP through homesteading. If morality is not a myth but an actual metaphysical force, then this is part of what I believe is included in morality. So I don't regard it as just an aesthetic opinion.

      And my position on lust is as consistent as the NAP is on the use of force. It is not necessarily dependent on outward displays such as the use of lipstick or whatever.

  2. We'll know we're getting somewhere when the media gets this worked up about the US leaving bits of brown people blown up all over the world.

    1. I agree but it's not going to happen.