Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump Goes Nuclear at Al Smith Dinner

A report from Tom Dilorenzo:
In his speech at the Al Smith dinner in NYC tonight Donald Trump said, “Here is Hillary, in public, pretending not to hate Catholics.”  That erased that stupid, creepy, phony smile from her face as she sat next to the cardinal.

He also told a great joke:  He said that as he made his way to the podium Hillary bumped into him and said “pardon me.”  To which he replied, “We’ll talk about that after I take office.”

I switched to Thursday Night Football when Hitlery took the podium, but the FOX talking heads are saying she was even more vicious and personal.  One of the FOX “experts” was Romney’s old campaign manager who said the great thing about politics is that “it makes us bigger and better.” Puke.

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  1. As the training brain of Ron Paul Inc. likes to say, That's the healing power of politics. It was on display at the Al Smith Dinner.