Thursday, October 20, 2016

John Podesta Jumps:Don Graham Puts in a Request

John Podesta is chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign.

Don Graham is chairman of Graham Holdings, which owns  WDIV–Detroit (NBC), KPRC–Houston (NBC), WKMG–Orlando (CBS), KSAT–San Antonio (ABC) and WJXT–Jacksonville (independent), Kaplan, Slate, Foreign Policy and Celtic Healthcare. Also, Graham is former owner of The Washington Post.

In reading hundreds of Podesta emails from the Wikileaks dump, including many, many  requests put to him in emails, this is the first time I have seen the response from him: "I'll make this happen this week."

From the Podesta emails:

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, Donald Graham <> wrote:


I'd love to meet your head of immigration policy who is, I gather, a  Dreamer. Amanda and I are co-founders of, the largest scholarship fund in the US for Dreamers. We would love to trade ideas.

It was so nice to see you both.


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On Sep 20, 2015, at 4:48 PM, John Podesta <> wrote:

I'll make this happen this week.

Date: 2015-09-20 20:01
Subject: Re: From Don Graham
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  1. Now TAKE his TV stations and sell them to pay REPARATIONS to the families of Children murdered by the ILLEGALS he loves so much.
    The Politicians assume PERSONAL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for the crimes of ILLEGALS that they "sponsor" through their "sanctuary" laws and by importing REFUJIHADIS from abroad.
    By WHAT authority are they manipulating Society? Where in the Constitution are they allowed to "SOCIAL ENGINEER"?
    "our" politicians take oaths to uphold the LAW and the Constitution. When they REFUSE to, when they openly DEFY and circumvent the LAW, they FORFEIT their "Governmental Immunity". Every Politician who goes on record as supporting ILLEGAL INVADERS should be held financially responsible for PAYING REPARATIONS for the crimes done by the ILLEGALS.
    ALL immigrants must have SPONSORS who will be accountable for the actions of the immigrant. Supporters of ILLEGALS are ASSUMING SPONSORSHIP of all Illegals and therefore are FINANCIALLY responsible for CRIMES and LIFE SUPPORT of ALL illegals. NO illegals should be on TAXPAYER DOLE, they should be living on the wealth of their SPONSORS and in THEIR HOUSES.
    Start CIVIL FORFEITURE on the assets of Politicians that cover for ILLEGAL INVADERS. Since their "Government DUTIES consist of securing the Border" and they not only failed but REFUSE to secure the border they are no longer protected by "immunity"

  2. "Amanda and I are co-founders of, the largest scholarship fund in the US for Dreamers."
    REALLY?! Where is your scholarship fund for the Children of Parents MURDERED BY ILLEGALS?! Don Graham is a P.O.S.

  3. The Detroit News historically and even today had/has a rather free market editorial page. It used to own Channel 4 in Detroit. The following tells the story of how and why it got traded to the Washington Post which is how Graham got his claws in it. The TV station sure hasn’t leaned free market lately. But can we blame the trade of stations on "the free market"?

    "Trade to The Washington Post Company

    In 1969, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) began to impose restrictions on the common ownership of print and broadcast media in the same market. The combination of the Detroit News and WWJ-AM-FM-TV was given grandfathered protection from the new regulations. But by the mid-to-late 1970s, the Evening News Association was under pressure to break up its Detroit cluster voluntarily. Fearing that an FCC-forced divestiture was imminent, the Evening News Association agreed to trade WWJ-TV to the Washington Post Company in return for that company's flagship station, WTOP-TV (later WDVM-TV and now WUSA).[4] On July 22, 1978, channel 4 changed its call letters to the present WDIV-TV,[5] for Detroit's IV (representing the Roman numeral for 4). Ultimately, the FCC never imposed any limitations on ownership of television station and newspapers in the same market and the exchange of stations between the Evening News Association and the Washington Post Company (which was renamed Graham Holdings Company following the sale of the Washington Post in 2013) became somewhat unique in television broadcasting."