Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WOW Is Roger Stone Right About Michelle Obama?

On Monday, I reported that Roger Stone had emailed me to say that if Hillary has to leave the race, Michelle Obama will become the Democratic presidential nominee.

On Tuesday, he expanded on this thinking on an Infowars broadcast.

Now this report is out at The New York Times:
 Michelle Obama has bridled for years at the confines of life in the White House and has tried to steer clear of the partisan messiness that has consumed her husband and is fueling this year’s bare-knuckled presidential contest.

But this week, Mrs. Obama will wade into the campaign fray on behalf of Hillary Clinton, putting her broad popularity and reputation for authenticity to work for a candidate who has suffered from a lack of both.

At an event in northern Virginia on Friday, Mrs. Obama will urge voters to register ahead of the state’s Oct. 17 deadline, the first of what aides say will be a series of appearances in the coming weeks in support of Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Obama’s steps into the campaign spotlight underscore her transformation from a once-reluctant political spouse into a confident public figure, a role she says she has embraced more fully during President Obama’s second term.
Are they about to prep the masses for Michelle to jump into the race if Hillary has to drop out?



  1. Do the Obamas watch House of Cards? This plot line feels too familiar...

  2. Flip-flopping the Obamas is not going to accomplish the minimal change of clothes needed to preserve the status-quo.

  3. They do that, they essentially wave the white flag for the White House. If I was apart of the DNC staff I would've been on the phone with Jim Webb last week