Monday, September 12, 2016

Will Joe Biden End Up Replacing Hillary as the Democratic Presidential Candidate?

By Robert Wenzel

It is not exactly clear what is wrong with Hillary Clinton healthwise. The people that really know are probably limited to Bill, Chelsea, Huma, her doctors and maybe 2 or 3 trusted aides.

None of them are going to tell us. We are in the dark on this as much as Anthony Weiner probably is.

According to a statement on Sunday from her physician, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, following her 9-11 "medical episode," Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. This information obviously was publicly released now, days later, because the campaign was backed into a corner after video emerged showing Hillary losing all muscle control during her "medical episode"

The initial spin of it just being dehydration on a day when it wasn't excessively hot, did not hold.

What is interesting about the statement from Hillary's doctor is that she claimed the pneumonia diagnosis was reached because Hillary was having a checkup for her allergy-related coughing problem.

Hillary claims she has seasonal allergies. Who gets a second check up for a seasonal allergy? You either pick up an over-the-counter antihistamine or you get a stronger medication via prescription from a doctor, This is not complicated. What's going on with Hillary appears to be at a minimum complicated.

And there is no way we have the information to unravel the complication. Hell, we didn't even get the details on her pneumonia.

The New York Times reports on the pneumonia statement:
But Dr. Bardack did not indicate what sort of pneumonia Mrs. Clinton had or elaborate on the nature of the examination last week, whether Mrs. Clinton had a fever today, or a host of other issues that could offer more precise insights about her condition.
About a week back, after Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes appeared to be getting Donald Trump back on a winning trajectory, I said to a friend, "If Trump controls himself and doesn't say anything stupid, the only thing he needs for a win is Hillary staying healthy enough to make it to election day."

And so here we are.

Hillary has pneumonia. You almost wish Gay Talese could reprise his reporting and writing style from Frank Sinatra Has A Cold for this Hillary medical situation. But "they" never would allow him to get close enough to Hillary, and not because they felt he might catch the ailment.

One MSNBC reporter, David Shuster, has put out a tweet advising that the DNC is going to hold an emergency meeting to consider a replacement for Hillary.

My guess is that it would be very difficult to pull the nomination from her cold weak hands if she has any pulse at all.

This is one very power hungry woman (with a cheating, equally power hungry spouse). Think about it. She is a very wealthy, crony wealthy but wealthy. She is 68-years old and appears to have health problems. How many of us under these conditions would want to enter a brutal presidential campaign? She will not go easy.

But if further health problems crop up that do force her out of the race, then you would think the replacement candidates are her running mate Tim "no testosterone" Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

If the DNC picks Kaine as a replacement, they have given up on the presidency. Americans may be ready for many things but they are not ready for a lefty Mr. Rogers as president. Though indications are that deep state insiders wouldn't have a problem with him. Just what is this Coro Foundation where he was a fellow while in his senior year in college?  Dianne Feinstein was also a Coro fellow. Just saying. And what exactly prompted him to leave in the middle of his Harvard Law School studies to do "missionary work" in Honduras which abuts Nicaragua at the time the U.S. was getting knee deep in the Nicaraguan revolution. Interesting,

Sanders and Warren would also be a guaranteed loss. They are too lefty. It's hard to see them picking up the necessary votes. But Joe Biden is a different story. He's presentable, familiar and no one thinks of him as crooked, lying or too much of a lefty. And so this close to the election, it would be very difficult for Republicans to define him differently. A Trump vs.Biden race would be a close one.

Trump's best bet is to hope that Hillary gets adrenalin shots, or whatever, to keep her energetic for a few minutes a day so that she can walk by and wave to the crowds just like she did after her "episode.".

With her continuing health scares and email bombs that Julian Assange is about to drop, Trump can beat Hillary.

He would have much more difficulty beating Joe Biden riding in on a white horse. The media would love him, the women would love him, America would love him,

 Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of and Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn.


  1. Biden is too tied to the status quo and all Trump would have to do is run against Obama's third term to win by a decent margin.

  2. Biden better hurry up with that vagina transplant. Not sure mangina qualifies.

  3. [aka Stargazer] Obama wants the Biden-Warren ticket. Biden promises 1 term. Then ugh! Warren runs for president. The Obama dream scenario.

    Clinton's health issues can no longer be hidden. More email, etc. bombshells will burst. We'll get strong hints that the FBI investigation is now going fill speed again. The in early October Obama meets with Clinton, tells her she will be indicted this time. They cut a deal: she uses her health problems as her reason to withdraw and Obama promises to pardon her. Deal done.

    1. No. the Clintons wouldn't take that kind of crap from Barry, Immediately they would have their own alternative candidate ready Rahm perhaps or somebody else. If they accepted that deal they would be done in DC.

    2. As someone who lives in southwest ohio and suffers from allergies, the allergy explanation doesn't hold water. But I think that video last week that Wenzel posted from that doctor who suggested Parkinson's is a potential winner. Sure explains the persistent coughing.

  4. Outside of Biden, I wonder if they would consider Jim Webb providing if he was willing to do it. I personally would think Webb would be the safer bet, no scandals, was in Regan's administration as Navy Secretary, both him and his son were in the military. The Bernie left would vote for him for the fact that he's not Hillary and he would pull some of the military vote away from Trump

  5. I think Biden comes off pretty creepy around women though.

  6. Her doctor also had some sort of comment that she had a 'non-contagious pneumonia.' Not sure what the heck that even is, whether they cultured the bacteria and found it to be normal flora or what it means. If that actually means anything, it could refer to an aspiration pneumonia. And normal people do not get aspiration pneumonia. That sort of pneumonia is a result of someone not being able to clear their secretions and aspirating bacteria from the oral cavity rather than being able to swallow it properly or spit it out. Sometimes people with strokes and other such neurological problems get aspiration pneumonias, not normal people.
    And again, who knows what her doctor means by that phrase.