Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why Donald Trump Will Destroy Hillary Clinton in the Next Debate

By Robert Wenzel

Well, the first debate is over and my rating of it was: boring. Both candidates were careful not to say anything that was not completely discussed in advance.

This comes naturally for Hillary Clinton, not so much for Donald Trump.

That said, Trump held his own during the first debate. I thought it was very shrewd  that he addressed Clinton at the start as "Secretary Clinton." It showed some "respect" for her "achievements" and indicated that he wasn't going to be condescending toward her---a brilliant move. Probably the most important of the debate.

And he clearly had some key points that he wanted to drill down on, e.g. Hillary has been in politics for 30 years and has never solved any of the problems she says she will as president.

Where he was weakest was on counterpunches.

While he wasn't unprepared, it was clear that he did not have ready made answers for Hillary's punches. This wouldn't have been the case if he would have prepared for the debate by going through mock debates, which he didn't.

Hillary on the other hand, detail person that she is, had countered with jabs every time Trump threw a punch at her. Her extensive preparation, including mock debates, paid off there. She mostly knew what was coming and had a response

But things will be different in debate 2 on October 9.

In many ways, this first debate was Trump's mock debate. He for the first time experienced Hillary's punches and with his advisors will prepare counterpunches for deabte 2. There are a number of counterpunches he didn't throw in debate 1 against Hillary that he most assuredly will in debate 2. They could be deadly.

Hillary, on the other hand, in this first debate has shown Trump the entire range of her plodding game. This will be a serious advantage for Trump in debate 2.

I am expecting a Trump knockout in game 2.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of  EconomicPolicyJournal.com and Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn.


  1. Her best play may have been the "Miss Piggy" revelation. That was an ace up the sleeve timed to end the debate memorably. Trump didn't deny it, just wondered how she knew. But her creepy forced laughs and toothy grins scarcely covered her inchoate rage and seemed to speak more powerfully than any of her quips.

    Clinton couldn't take any risks in this debate and clearly played all her cards as Robert indicates. Trump can afford to play a longer game and his best cards remain concealed. Whether intentional or not on Trump's part, it does feel like a hustle.

    1. i doubt she will continue, this debate was way too much for her, she is not even doing apperances no more, until the next debate, i believe she is finished, the democratics will have to do plan B.... watch

  2. 100% agree with this analysis. I pitched in college and what Hillary did was the equivalent to showing all of her pitches the first time through the batting order, which is a horrible and losing strategy (I figured that out firsthand, unfortunately).

    Trump, on the other hand, grinded through the order with mostly fastballs and the very occasional offspeed. He got through it unscathed - setting himself up beautifully for the rest of the game.

    Hillary will get knocked around the second time and by the third time - she will be getting shelled - unable to even keep the ball in the park. Trump, on the other hand, will continue to add nuances and refine his game to the point where he will be at his peak by the third debate and in complete control.

    (Just like Madison Bumgarner.)

  3. I am expecting that Trump will provide the same mediocre performance in the next two debates as he did in the first. He thinks he knows best. And that means, wing it, don't prepare. His entire campaign has been one of lost opportunity and lack of focus. And there is no reason to think he'll do anything differently over the remaining five weeks.

  4. Regardless of the content, Hillary and all the other politicians talk in a certain way which sounds fake to ordinary people.
    By contrast a taxi driver from Queens can relate to how Trump talks.

  5. Good review, Robert. I was quite surprised Mr. Showman was so underwhelming in front of the biggest audience he ever had... hopefully the next time I give up 2 hours of sleep it will be worth it.

    1. Trump was underwhelming. I got through 1/2 of it before I could not take any more of Cankles BS. Was really hoping for her to fall over, would have been the best debate exit in history.

    2. Agreed... I thought I had watched it until the end, (granted, was drinking) but must've muted it 2/3 of the way through it. Looks like I missed the last 1/3. I gave the first 2/3 to Trump for commanding the lead against Lester.

    3. You have to love the fact that the "right wing or out sider" has double duty! They have to debate their opponents and fight off the moderator hoard as well (Ron Paul was good at this, he was so good they left him alone, they don't do the looser limp well)! All hail the leftist para-dime that is a democracy/republic err fascist hell hole and sinking.

      Go Trump for disrupting the utopia even for a moment! As a business person that has failed and gotten back up, I hope he keeps learning and gets some wise council that he takes, he most likely will not take all advise. Winning is goal # 1 for him.

  6. As much as I disagree with the guy, his strategic execution has been excellent. I think this campaign strategy will be a case study in 10+ years-- the "Trump Method" or something.

  7. Why do TPTB even bother with these debates? I know, it's some vestigial element of the old "democratic republic" trotted out every four years to make the sheep think their vote matters and they have a "say" in how the Deep State, err.. government is run. Does anyone really believe there is any chance that someone who, prior to the debates, was a rabid Trump or Hillary supporter, would watch the debates and be persuaded by the performance of one or the other to change sides? Is there really anybody out there who is so "undecided" at this point, with no prior knowledge of or prejudice for or against either candidate so as to base their decision on who to vote for on debate performance? The whole thing is laughable on its face.

  8. I tend to agree with this analysis, but let's throw in a wrinkle that may have crossed Trump's mind.

    If he wounds Hillary with some new revelation or something that severely undermines her credibility and she still ends up winning...must he fear retribution from the Clinton's? If I were a billionaire with kids and grandkids, I'd think long and hard about how far I want to needle someone who we know is powerful, vindictive, corrupt and connected. The horror stories of the people who crossed the Clinton's are legion.

  9. You're giving him way too much credit. Trump is a moron who thinks he already knows everything so he doesn't have to study and prepare because he already did perfect. He doesn't analyze and do better next time. Watch all of his previous debates...it's all the same thing. Expect to see more of the same in the next two debates.

  10. Our bĂȘte noire, “Lord Keynes” just LOVES Trump.

    Hillary got hammered on the economy. She never clearly committed to rejecting the disaster of free trade, nor even mentioned the issue of free trade or deindustrialisation *except* when Trump raised it and in response to Trump.

    In the first few minutes, Trump was all over the disaster of free trade and the catastrophe of deindustrialisation, even if he should have concentrated on protectionism rather than corporate tax policy. Trump was completely correct that Hillary supported NAFTA.

    At 11.40 onwards, Hillary fails to mention that Bill Clinton’s financial deregulation is a big explanation for the financial crisis of 2008. Nor was Bill Clinton’s economy anything much but a sham driven by a stock market bubble and private debt.

    Trump went on a brief rant about government debt, but private debt is the issue, not government debt.

    As for Trump’s tax cuts and plans for massive infrastructure spending, this will drive the US into deep deficits and huge Keynesian stimulus – broadly speaking, precisely what is needed. Combined with trade protectionism and labour market protectionism, this is again, broadly speaking, exactly what America needs.

    America could certainly do with a new progressive tax system, especially one which taxes deleterious speculative activity and parasitic rentier capitalism, but such a new tax system should only be introduced when the economy is booming and full employment is restored.


    LK has been on an anti-SJW rampage lately, almost another Vox Day. And he loves us too:

    [D]o you also hate those crazy libertarians, anarcho-capitalist nutjobs and conservative neoliberal vandals?


  11. Trump will win the election despite his poor debate performance.

    He is a moron and a bubbling idiot. He won't do any better in the next debate. Hillary is just that aweful of a candidate.

    1. It is indeed possible that all of Trump's opponents Republican and Democrat are awful. It is more likely that Trump isn't stupid.


  12. TRUMP has her 'set up' for a big 'fall'...he will push her 'over' the edge...in round 2 and 3....she is out of 'ammo' in that she 'hit' him with all her 'dirt' and 'lies'....and HE is leading in most honest poles....next time it will not be 2 against 1....im,ho

  13. It's hard to believe that was even Hillary at the debate. Ain't she dead already?

  14. I think Judge Napolitano nailed it here: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/09/andrew-p-napolitano/clobbered/