Sunday, September 11, 2016

Understanding the Very Evil Foundations of Political Correctness

This is probably the most important video I have ever posted. Find the time to watch it. It's all here wrapped in one lecture the truth about the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School and Saul Alinsky.

 Stephanie Maier does an excellent job outlining the history and the plotting that have landed us where we are now. By the end, you will understand what we are up against and it should scare you.




  1. Jeff deist's Presentation on political correctness is way better

  2. One copy editor note: Why would she identify the Henry George School (which in fact did have influence with elements within the Fabians) with the Physiocrats, an early, more or less, laissez faire group of 18th Century French economists? But, anyhow, good for the Kochs.

  3. The Banking practice of large loans expiring after a short time so the "Money" created did not go on into infinity to become profits. Other banking practices are never mentioned and are long forgotten.