Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump: In My Administration We Will Go to War Against ISIS

Do not for a minute think Donald Trump is anti-war. He is not. He does not want to go to war to nation build, but he does want to go to war.

He made this clear today in his national defense speech in Philadelphia:
Immediately after taking office, I will ask my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy ISIS.
This will require military warfare, but also cyber warfare, financial warfare, and ideological warfare – as I laid out in my speech on defeating Radical Islamic terrorism several weeks ago.
It is also noteworthy that he called Iran "the largest state sponsor of terrorism":
Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, is now flush with $150 billion dollars in cash released by the United States – plus another $1.7 billion dollars in cash ransom payments. In other words, our country was blackmailed and extorted into paying this unheard-of amount of money.
Worst of all, the Nuclear deal puts Iran, the number one state sponsor of Radical Islamic terrorism, on a path to nuclear weapons.
It seems clear that a Trump military against Iran can not be ruled out.

And, he didn't hide the fact that he wants to see military spending on steroids:
As soon as I take office, I will ask Congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military.
This will increase certainty in the defense community as to funding, and will allow military leaders to plan for our future defense needs...
 we will have at our disposal additional revenues from unleashing American energy. The Institute for Energy Research cites a "short-run" figure of as much as $36 billion annually from increased energy production.
Using these new funds, I will ask my Secretary of Defense to propose a new defense budget to meet the following long-term goals:
We will build an active Army of around 540,000, as the Army’s chief of staff has said he needs. We now have only 31 Brigade Combat Teams, or 490,000 troops, and only one-third of combat teams are considered combat-ready.
We will build a Marine Corps based on 36 battalions, which the Heritage Foundation notes is the minimum needed to deal with major contingencies – we have 23 now.
We will build a Navy of 350 surface ships and submarines, as recommended by the bipartisan National Defense Panel – we have 276 ships now.
And we will build an Air Force of at least 1,200 fighter aircraft, which the Heritage Foundation has shown to be needed to execute current missions – we have 1,113 now.
We will also seek to develop a state of the art missile defense system...Accomplishing this military rebuild will be a fifty-state effort —every state in the union will be able to take part in rebuilding our military and developing the technologies of tomorrow.

And it doesn't sound like he wants to close any of the outposts of the Empire. It appears he wants to fortify such global outposts:
 As...potential adversaries grow their missile programs, US military facilities in Asia and the Middle East, as well as our allies, are increasingly in range, with the United States homeland also potentially threatened.
We propose to rebuild the key tools of missile defense, starting with the Navy cruisers that are the foundation of our missile defense capabilities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 
The idea that Trump is some kind of peacenik is absurd.

"Libertarians for Trump" should disband immediately.



  1. The idea that anyone KNOWS what a Trump presidency would be like is what's absurd.

    He says all kinds of words, many of which are vague and/or contradictory. What I see in your example is a Trump play to appear presidential by quoting lots of numbers, and to consolidate conservative support and reduce his unfavorable ratings by beating the drums and waving the flag. This is no moral crusade-- he is playing to win.

    You and everyone else have "evidence," but choosing to believe some of the words he says and not others is just seeking to support whatever narrative you've latched onto. Trump might not be bad, but he might be horrible. THIS is why Libertarians for Trump should disband.

    1. He has a 70 year life long record of never opposing a single US war and never opposing the size and strength of US empire. He was such a trouble maker as a teenager his dad put him in a military academy for high school. That’s a lot to go on.

    2. If we were all judged by our teen years, not many of us would pass the test.

      Your "evidence" ignores his documented criticism of Iraq and other conflicts. Bias confirmed.

  2. Replies
    1. not at all. he's always wanted into the club but the club had no need him until now.

  3. I love how he highlights ISIS and Iran , but fails to mention that they are mortal enemies.

  4. Hey Robert, any chance of getting Rainmondo on your show to defend his "Trump will keep us out of wars" position?

  5. The 'defense' industry contractors and the Zionist neocons all support Killary; none support Trump. That indicates he is not belligerent.