Friday, September 9, 2016

THIS IS AMAZING Was the Death of Putin's Chauffeur A Warning to Putin from the CIA?

On Tuesday, I reported this: Vladimir Putin's Official Car is Involved in a Head-On Crash Which Killed His Favorite Chauffeur.

I posted it for the record. The thought could come to mind, and it did for me, that it was perhaps a warning to Putin, but there was no clear evidence of such. It would have stayed as just a curiosity except for the fact that Infowars has dug out a video clip of  Mike Morrell, former acting director of the CIA, and long time Deputy Director at CIA calling LAST MONTH for assassinations of people around Russia, Iran and Syrian leadership, pretty much along the lines of the way that Putin's chauffeur was killed,

This is pretty amazing.


Infowars goes on to note:
[Morrell] is extremely close to Hillary via their mutual ties to Beacon Global Strategies LLC, the regime change firm Morrell went to after leaving the CIA, which is engaged in antagonizing our enemies.
Leon Panetta, who was chief-of-staff for Bill Clinton during his presidency is senior counselor to Beacon Global Strategies.



  1. Scott Horton had a good interview on this clip a few days back.

  2. Vladimir Putin displays very little emotion in front of his enemies, but he will use the neocon's overtly zealous nature against them when it is advantageous to the Russian military. Blowback is coming and I am afraid he will not be gentle.

  3. Very Creepy Character, this Morrell. Adolph Eichmann and the banality of evil come to mind.

  4. Where this shit is heading is preemptive nuclear attack on the US by Russia and/or China. The USG is committed to the destruction of their governments by all means and has already stated as policy a preemptive nuke attack is "on the table" since Bush. If Russia/China conclude the writing is on the wall that the US is committed to their destruction, what choice do they have? Either gamble they "win" with a first strike or accept their inevitable destruction... And people worry about "climate change"... FFS!

    1. Welcome to the Wolfowitz Doctrine, where mass murder is the first choice amongst our politicians!

  5. "[Morrell] is extremely close to Hillary via their mutual ties to Beacon Global Strategies LLC, "

    Perhaps it is time to stop calling for the disbanding of 'Libertarians for Trump' and realize the real threat that Hillary and neocons such as Morrell, Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, etc. pose to human survival. Trump is sane enough to try to get along with the Russians and the Chinese; Hillary and her neocons are not.