Monday, September 5, 2016

Social Justice Wackoism Hits Harvard Medical School

More than a hundred, mostly students, gathered at  Harvard Medical School last Wednesday to develop a list of priorities for the new dean to help make the school more diverse, reports The Harvard Crimson,

The event was organized by students at the Medical and Dental School and included discussion groups in which students generated items for a “social justice agenda” they plan to deliver to the new dean George Q. Daley ’82, who was in attendance, according to The Crimson. They requested more representation of students on faculty search committees and increased diversity within the student body.

The group also requested that at least a quarter of candidates interviewed for the dean position—vacated in July after Jeffrey S. Flier announced last fall he would step down—“come from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine.” The group also requested that the new dean had “demonstrated a commitment to social justice, as exemplified through actions and/or scholarship furthering health equity.”

The Crimson reported that Jayne Rice, a first-year Medical student who attended a historically black college before coming to Harvard, said she was pleased with the event.

“There was a reason I was hesitant about coming to Harvard. It wasn’t made for black people, it wasn’t made for minorities,” said Rice of the university  where both President Obama and Michelle Obama graduated from the law school.

One would think the students would be focused on demanding the best and the brightest students and faculty at the school, regardless of race, creed or color, but apparently not.

If you are a Puerto Rican transgender with mediocre grades, now is your chance, make your move.


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