Thursday, September 15, 2016

NCAA Political Correctness: What is to Be Done?

ZT emails:
I know (I think I know) that you are not one for sports.  I am, and it upsets me to no end how much PC culture (and nationalism) has totally invaded my mindless escape from reality.

In case you've missed it, this is happening

I don't really care about the bathrooms one way or the other.  In fact, I view the issue as a welcome and hilariously entertaining caveat to an otherwise sordid and oppressive PC culture political news stream....sort of like I view Donald Trump.

But it dismays me to see sports culture take PC culture so seriously.  It sort of ruins the fun, both my sports and my laughing at the PC idiots who can't decide which bathroom to pee in.

Anyway, I just thought you should know how far this bathroom thing is going in sports.  The last couple days your coverage of these E-Mail leaks and Clinton's health have been very enjoyable.  It's a very entertaining week to be alive!

Political correctness has, unfortunately, really permeated our culture, so it is not surprising that it has reached sports. Every once and awhile, though, you can spot someone who probably isn't into the PC stuff and they're worth cheering for a little bit harder, though these are getting fewer and fewer to find.

I'm impressed now with those who just keep their mouths shut. Michael Jordan was pretty good this way when he played, (Though I recall he recently made some kind of stupid comment).

I am a New York Giants fan and Eli Manning seems to keep his mouth shut on this stuff, which I am glad to see. And the up and coming Knicks star, out of Latvia, Kristaps Porziņģis in addition to having incredible skills for a guy his height also keeps his mouth shut when it comes to nonsense.




  1. Terrific video.

    That PC narrative is trying to bury greatness. Sorry for the Trumpism, but it's true. It's all about the team's goals even in the middle of the season. "We have to look to the post-season." If you're a first string professional athlete playing regularly, you play hurt and you play through the pain. Dodger manager Dave Roberts pulled Rich Hill after a perfect 7 innings because of a blister. Did Koulfax or Drysdale or Bob Gibson or Tom Seaver's blister ever get micro-managed where the manager pulled them after 7 perfect innings to save the player from himself? That was one of the comments from post-game gimps.

    If Hill had been from Venezuela or Dominican Republic, well, the cheer would have gone out "Si se puede!"

  2. What made you a Red Sox fan, rather than a Yankees fan Bob?

  3. The Duke faculty being overrun with SJWs who defamed the innocent Lacrosse team is no reason to boycott NC. 18 years of academic fraud in the athletic department at UNC is no reason to boycott NC.

    But something as serious as the tranny bathroom law cannot stand!

  4. I think the NCAA is trying to get Trump elected president.

  5. Sports are popular so therefore you have people trying to push certain agendas. They can leech off the popularity of athletes.

  6. I honestly was laughing about the whole Colin Kapernick issue, watching conservatives acting like SJW liberals was hilarious. In addition some are still crying about it.