Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nate Silver: Trump Surges From 3% to 48% Chance of Winning

RW  take:

It is looking good for Trump but too early yo call. Let's see how Monday's debate goes.


  1. James Pinkerton of Breitbart is favorably quoting our eternal enemy, “Lord Keynes” who really likes Trump.

    We can find a repository of such constructive thinking in an influential blog, Social Democracy for the 21st Century: A Realist Alternative to the Modern Left; the author, interestingly, goes by the handle Lord_Keynes2. On September 7, LK outlined an Old Left manifesto: It includes, of course, a denunciation of libertarianism and neoliberalism -- not much of a surprise there. But then LK breaks with the familiar left, offering instead those centrist platform planks:

    Rejection of the extreme aspects of cultural leftism . . . rejection of open borders and mass immigration.

    Indeed, LK goes even further, telling Old Leftists that they should take seriously a core conservative idea:

    Be open to serious and rational discussion of the breakdown of the nuclear family in the Western world, and what harm this may have done to our societies.

    So we can see that not everyone on the left wants the crazies to be in charge.

    “Although he is a Republican with views broadly in sync with the GOP, he [Pinkerton] has sometimes divergent ideas: For example, in a Bloggingheads discussion with economist, Glenn Loury, Pinkerton described his political ideology as "Hamiltonian". He favors a robust US industrial policy that would stimulate industry and calls himself a "big government libertarian".[3]

    Pinkerton moderated the 2008 Libertarian presidential debate in Denver.” Wikipedia

    LK writes:

    [Do] you also hate those crazy libertarians, anarcho-capitalist nutjobs and conservative neoliberal vandals?

    My friends, not only are you not alone, but there’s nothing wrong with you!

    YOU are the future of the Left, not the regressive left or SJW loonies.

    We need to take back control of the Left, reform it, and in the process rebuild the power and popularity of the Left – and so that the populist Conservatives do not sweep into power in the coming years.

  2. My prediction for the debates: