Friday, September 9, 2016

Founding Neoconservative Backs Trump

Norman Podhoretz, a founder of the neoconservative movement, said he backs Donald Trump for president, reports The Forward.

Podhoretz, 86, said, during an interview with The Times of Israel, that any concerns he had about Trump are outweighed by his trepidation at a Hillary Clinton presidency.

He cites especially her role, as secretary of state in President Barack Obama’s first term, in shaping last year’s deal in which Iran rolled back nuclear development in exchange for sanctions relief.

Norman Podhoretz says his son, John Podhoretz who is part of the #NeverTrump movement. continues to try to persuade him about Trump’s demerits.

“He thinks that Trump is worse, and I think that Hillary is worse,” he said. “He keeps trying to persuade me. He sends me things, articles, showing how bad Trump is. And I keep saying, ‘I know all this."

The father is correct, They are both terrible and Trump would significantly expand the warpath.



  1. Yep, there will no chance in US foreign policy under a Trump reign

  2. Myself, I will continue to Hate the State and keep trying to undermine it in every way I can, no matter who is crowned lord.

  3. one of the billionaires that funds Norman has been handed a unacceptable quote by Mrs Clinton about how much its going cost to get His hands in the till.