Monday, September 26, 2016

Best Analysis of Keith Scott Shooting Videos


  1. After watching the videos and the very eloquent explanation from the YouTube guy, I am thoroughly convinced. I am convinced that the police can point a gun at you without cause, that even when you have a God-given right to possess a gun, the police will not care about your puny rights and that the command of a police officer supersedes any ounce of humanity you were born with. Your life is forfeit and it is now in the hands of your overseers and their whims.

    Did it occur to this YouTube 'person' that Scott was frightened out of his wits and thought he was going to be killed no matter what he did? Did he at least question what the police were doing there? Because the police admitted they were in that apartment complex looking for 'someone else'. At least he CONCEDED that Scott did not raise his hand in a threatening manner yet used this fact to berate the BLM "terrorists". Think about whatever you want about the BLM, but his was a Non Sequitur.

    Once again it is clear that there's no more terrible crime in this country for which swift punishment is inflicted, and that is Contempt of Cop.

  2. Why did the cops stop him if they were there for someone else?

    1. They claim they thought he looked like the guy they were investigating.

      The BS just pours out of every hole of this case.

  3. By the way, the police officer that shot and killed Keith Scott did not turm his body camera until after the shooting, against Charlotte Police Department policy.

    One has to wonder if this officer and Scott knew each other....

  4. Cops have learned to chant "stop resisting" and to lace the audio feed with probable exculpatory audio... "drop the gun" is also part of their audio lacing lines that they chant. How that plays into this particular case is questionable when viewing the video. I certainly would NOT conclude that there was a gun or anything that could be mistaken for a gun. Neither will I ever believe a cop when he says he "was in fear for his life"? No.