Saturday, August 27, 2016

Why Did Someone in the Audience Shout "Pepe" When Hillary Mentioned the Alt-Right?

Pepe the Frog
Breitbart informs:
[A] man in the crowd was ejected for yelling “PEPE!”, the name of the iconic green frog meme that has become the alt-right’s mascot, as soon as she mentioned the movement...

Meet Sean, the Pepe guy...

"As for the ‘Pepe’ shout… She gave me the opening by saying “alt right” with a bit of a pause, so I pounced. It was just to kind of throw off her false narrative and a shout out to the fellow patriots on “Frog Twitter” for all their hard work in trying to get Donald Trump into the White House. About 3 seconds after I screamed “Pepe”, I was escorted out by Secret Service

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