Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump's Support Collapses in Battleground States

An unrelenting pounding by mainstream media and some odd focus by Donald Trump is causing his support in battleground states to collapse.

According to Business Insider, the polls now show Hillary Clinton with a 9-point lead in Michigan, an 11-point lead in Pennsylvania, and a 17-point lead in New Hampshire. In mid-July, polls conducted in each state found the race to be within 3 points in either direction.



  1. Is he trying to lose? It is getting more and more fishy each day. Something is up - as always with the power elite.

  2. This is probably part of the anti-Trump full court press now in play. Curious to see where it all goes in light of the Ryan for prez Freudian slip by Manafort.

  3. I just saw that Freudian slip by Manafort too. Hmmmmmmm........