Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump-Hating BU Student and Respect for Private Property

A 20-year-old woman videotaped herself stealing two Donald Trump campaign signs out of someone's front yard in broad daylight "while they were home" and posted it online to brag. The now deleted video was posted on Twitter by Boston University Engineering student Katia Checkwicz who uses the Twitter handle @Dojakat.



  1. Just wondering if she'd mind me taking her car, or cell phone, or money - so long as I had reasoned my actions as proper within my own mind. Another product spat out from the churning, socialist-minded educational/social system, devoid of respect for others' property, but steeped in greater-good justifications.

    1. It doesn't matter if she claims to mind or not. Her actions are evidence that she does not understand the principles behind property rights, and therefore cannot claim to poses them.

  2. I hope that she gets plenty of direct feedback of the kind she deserves.

  3. I hope she doesn't ever design anything important. SJW STEM affirmative action.