Wednesday, August 3, 2016

To Fight Trump, Journalists Have Dispensed With Objectivity

An important consequence of the Trump campaign is that it is displaying  how much mainstream media is in the pocket of the establishment.

Justin Raimondo exposes the entire charade in a very important op-ed that appears in the Los Angeles Times.


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  1. I'd escribe it as a charade too but not quite in the same way. Trump was brought in to stop the republican party base deserting the Republican party apparatchiks, long known for talking big then quietly packing their tents and fleeing into the night taking a large fee along the way.
    take the Garland at the supreme court, garland is a total establishment tool and normally would be installed without too much trouble but because the base was so mad the republican aparatchiks had to put it off presumably until after the election when it will be safe to accept the nomination.
    Walter black was wrong with his 'libertarians for Trump' our cause was better served by vast numbers of people walking out of the two party duopoly and it breaking down