Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This You Must Read: Milo Yiannopoulos Tour Rider for His "Dangerous Faggot" Tour

Breitbart reports on the demands of the alt-right cheerleader:
Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos is hitting the road again this fall on his “Dangerous Faggot” tour, during which he’ll lecture students at more than three dozen college campuses across the country about the scourge of social justice warrior-ism, the evils of feminism and the awesomeness of “Daddy” Donald Trump — but organizers at each of the stops on the cross-country trek better hustle if they wish to fulfill Milo’s tour demands.
Milo’s tour rider — a list of items he will require upon arrival at each stop — would appear, at first glance, to be excessive.

In the green room: Two buckets of KFC Extra Crispy thighs with skins removed; 30 defuzzed peaches; two dozen de-thorned white roses; framed 8×10 photographs of both Princess Diana and Trump; a framed 5×7 photo of Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the Block era preferred); two dozen McDonald’s McRib sandwiches, and a vegan present to watch him eat them; an on-call registered nurse; a snow-cone machine.

On stage: 50 white doves to be released upon entry; mace; a cattle prod; bear spray; a personal taser; a fog machine; and a dedicated gift drop-off table...a $7,500 fine on the venue if any Adele music is played during the event.

Other items in the rider:


Hot and cold meal options – Gordon Ramsay recipes.

Room with east & west views

Johnson’s baby oil (slightly heated)

Venue must install fresh toilet seat for artist use only

Lesbian maintenance personnel must remain 100 feet away at all times and may not wear khakis, flannel, Birkenstocks, or plaid


  1. Ha! I have to admit I laughed my ass off in reading this. I'd imagine SJW's heads explode when doing so.

  2. "And a vegan present to watch him eat them all." Lolled hard upon reading this.

  3. A common practice among musicians is to slip something ridiculous into these things, not because you need it, but because it is an easy way to check if the people running the venue are paying attention. If the jar of brown m&m's is missing, you know to have your guys double check the gear set up on stage to make sure you don't get electrocuted. If the jar is waiting for you, you know someone is paying attention.

  4. Gosh, do you think Milo will receive LESS publicity for his tour as a result of publicizing this list of demands. I hope not! Gosh!