Friday, August 19, 2016

This is How Rebekah Mercer, The New Major Influence (and Money) Behind Donald Trump, Lives

As I have previously reported, the John Bolton-supporting Mercer family is now playing a key role in Donald Trump's pivot toward being "presidential"(SEE:  New Trump Campaign Manager and New CEO Linked to Major John Bolton Supporter and Yes, A John Bolton Supporter is Now Running Donald Trump).

Here's glimpse via a 2010 WSJ story on how Rebekah and her derivatives trader husband, Sylvain Mirochnikoff, live:
In Manhattan, where big spaces can be tough to find at any price, it isn't unheard of for buyers to purchase two or even three adjoining apartments and cobble them together into a house-sized aerie.
Based on public records, Rebekah Mercer and her husband Sylvain Mirochnikoff have so far bought six.
Taking advantage of the downturn, Ms. Mercer, a daughter of hedge-fund manager Robert Mercer, and Mr. Mirochnikoff have spent the last 16 months and more than $28 million buying six adjoining units in Donald Trump's 41-story Heritage at Trump Place on the Upper West Side. Combined, according to floor plans, the units as currently configured could create a triplex with 17 bedrooms taking up most of floors 23 through 25. Floor space totals 13,962 square feet, more than twice the size of New York City's Gracie Mansion and about a quarter the size of the White House.

The numbers are huge even by New York standards. "You see frequently that people will put two or three apartments together, but six? I've never heard of that," says veteran broker Donna Olshan, of Olshan Realty. With a three-floor span and protected views of the Hudson River and Riverside Park, "It's going be one of the all-time great apartments" in Manhattan, she adds...

Interviews with sellers who dealt with the couple suggest they were persistent and aggressive both during negotiations as well as in approaching owners about selling—in one case making a pitch before the owners had moved into their condo.

The couple began their buying spree in the 150-unit building in December 2008 with a four-bedroom, 2,901-square-foot condo on the 24th floor they had been renting for two years, according to the seller. In contract on the unit for $8.2 million, Mr. Mirochnikoff called the owner in the fall of 2008, amid the peak of the financial crisis, and walked away with a new closing price: $7.5 million...

Other buys on the 24th and 25th floors followed in February and March of this year, according to records.

The couple's latest buy: the nearly 4,500-square-foot condo of Fortress Investment Group co-founder Randal Nardone, according to records. Mr. Nardone was asking $11.75 million for their double unit, which has Hudson River, Riverside Park and city views; Ms. Mercer and Mr. Mirochnikoff bought the space for $9 million earlier this month, according to records. Mr. Nardone declined to comment.

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