Thursday, August 25, 2016

Now Trump is Raising Money By Railing Against Obama Closing GITMO

Below is an email the Donald Trump campaign is sending out.

The idea that Trump will protect any of our freedoms, or stop the war drums, appears more and more far-fetched with each passing day.

"Libertarians for Trump" should disband.

Make America Great Again


Biden expects Gitmo will close before Obama leaves office
(The Hill, 08/25/16)

 Donald Trump is furious.

Obama is expected to release terrorists from Gitmo and close down our terrorist detention center before he leaves office.

As president, Trump REFUSES to shut down Gitmo and REFUSES to have foreign radical Islamic terrorists tried in our regular court systems here in America.

But unless Trump gets elected president, Gitmo could be shut down -- and shut down permanently.

Please contribute $100, $65, $50, $25, $15, or even $10 to help elect Donald Trump as our next president, and Make America Safe Again!

Americans oppose shutting down Gitmo and releasing terrorists to our shores.

This has to end. And it has to end NOW.

Please contribute now to elect Trump as our next president and Make America Safe Again!


Brad Parscale
Digital Director

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