Friday, August 12, 2016

Libertarians Against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein

An exchange with Dr. Walter Block.

Dear Bob:

Re this essay of yours: It's Time to Disband "Libertarians for Trump"

Shall you soon be starting up a group to be called "Libertarians for Hillary Clinton?"

Assuming Gary Johnson will not be our next president, that seems to be the logical implication of your call for LFT to disband. No?

Best regards,


Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics
Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business

Loyola University New Orleans


Hi Walter,

To make my position clear, I am now forming Libertarians Against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein, for different reasons I find no reason to support any of them.

I do not see a significant difference between Trump and Clinton when it comes to war. They may bomb different places for different reasons but they are both bombardiers. 

Johnson is a two-man (Weld) libertarian distortion machine. Stein is a Marxist.

The only edge for libertarians is to attack all these people.

I, for sure, am not going to get blood on my hands by supporting either Clinton or Trump.

To make things clear. If you had started "Libertarians for Clinton" I would still be giving you a hard time.




  1. You guys keep going around in circles because you don't address each others' competing assumptions. Walter Block thinks libertarians can help sway the election, so they should pick the slightly lesser evil. Whereas you seem to think that's unlikely, or that it's such a muddle, that it's overwhelmed by the need to broadcast an effective libertarian message (which would be harmed by supporting Trump or Hillary).

  2. --- Johnson is a two-man (Weld) libertarian distortion machine. ---

    a) You're exaggerating.
    b) Libertarians already know Johnson is an imperfect libertarian.
    c) Both Johnson and Weld are the most liberty-friendly candidates in the ticket and the least power-hungry by far.

    Quit riding that high horse. El Trumpo and Hill-Rod are truly horrible.

  3. Johnson is the best Libertarians could find. AnCaps sit on the sidelines and complain about the guys on the field.