Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton More Sane on Terrorism Than Donald Trump?

That's clearly the impression you would get by reading super warmonger John Bolton.

He tweets out that Hillary holds the very Rothbardian view that terrorism should be dealt with as a police issue:
And it should not be forgotten that just yesterday a Bolton op-ed appeared in WSJ, where he wrote:

Mr. Trump rightly sees an ideological war being waged against the West by a hateful, millenarian obsession targeting core American constitutional and philosophical principles. From that assessment flow several policy consequences, most important the imperative to destroy the terrorist threat rapidly and comprehensively before it kills and maims more innocent people. Mr. Trump correctly argues that, in combating Islamic State, al Qaeda and others, “we must use ideological warfare” as well as stronger military and intelligence operations, and be “a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers.”..
The idea that Trump is some kind of peacenik, "better on war" than Hillary is absurd.

It's time for "Libertarians for Trump" to shutdown.

Trump needs to be intellectually attacked as viciously as Hillary for his many non-libertarian positions.



  1. I think Dr. Block has painted himself into a corner and it's maybe become a personal issue, so it's hard for him to change course. Or it's a game you two are playing on us to keep things interesting!

  2. Terrorism is an immigration issue. If you don't get that you are autistic.