Monday, August 22, 2016

HOT Trump Cancelling All Kinds of Appearances

 Donald Trump has reportedly canceled two of his upcoming campaign events.

Trump has canceled a Friday rally in Las Vegas scheduled at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

He has also canceled an Aug. 31 rally and fundraiser in Portland, Ore., according to Oregon Public Broadcasting

This is in addition to reports that Trump will be delaying a speech on immigration that was he set to deliver later this week.



  1. Ha! Startled by this title as I literally just finished watching John Oliver's segment asking Trump to drop out.

  2. Is Trump trying to not win, ala Ross (only defeat Bush) Perot?

  3. With Hillary, we get MMT.

    1. Stephanie Kelton is an economics professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She has served as the chief economist for the Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee, and as an advisor to Bernie Sanders. Kelton is probably best known for her central work on what's called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)..... It emphasizes that debt issued by the federal government really doesn't operate like any other form of debt, because the government (which includes the central bank) can ultimately create all the money it wants. So it can't suffer a debt crisis, but can only create too-high inflation. And finally, that the amount of money the government puts into the economy via spending, versus the amount it takes out via taxes, is a key part of the overall ecology that determines the supply of jobs.

    4. Pavlina Tcherneva is the economics chair at Bard College, and a research scholar at the Levy Economics Institute. She's cut from much the same cloth as Kelton, but Tcherneva has devoted particular energy to the idea of a job guarantee: Using the government's monetary and fiscal powers to launch what would effectively be a "public option" for employment. If a community needs litter cleaned up, a green space revitalized, or its water pipes repaired, then a job guarantee would connect the unemployed with those opportunities. That would ensure that decent and well-paying work is something always on offer to everyone in the economy.

    Why not? A fiat money government is not "revenue constrained" and can accomplish all these mah-velous things, right?

  4. "Why not? A fiat money government is not "revenue constrained" and can accomplish all these mah-velous things, right?"

    Lol. Simply mahvelous.